In the vineyards of Herdade dos Grous we have implemented the most advanced methods of viticulture and a state-of-the-art irrigation system with the 'drop-by-drop' technology.

During the planting of our vineyards, we paid respect to traditional winemaking processes keeping the climatic conditions of the region in mind. A number of grape types, especially the local red varieties but also international ones, have been selected for cultivation on our estate.
We are using the latest technology as well as traditional ways of winemaking in our purpose-built 'Adega'. All grapes are hand-picked and follow the process of soft maceration in order to assure superior wine quality. This process is applied to each type of grape separately while the temperature is closely monitored to maximize the potential of each individual grape variety.

For best maturing results, the wine is stored in a cellar under controlled humidity and temperature conditions and kept in barrique barrels made from French or American oak. Then it is the winemaker's task to blend the different wines drawing on their individual qualities.