Discover "Açorda"

Gastronomic Weeks: Açorda

Happening from the 1st October to the 30th November 2024


Discover "Açorda" – the Alentejo's hearty bread soup with our special menu at Herdade dos Grous Restaurant available from October to November.

Herdade dos Grous invites you to experience the soul-warming flavours of açorda, a beloved traditional bread soup. This humble, yet deeply satisfying dish embodies the region's culinary heritage, showcasing the simple beauty of rustic ingredients.

Throughout October and November, our chefs will present a special menu dedicated to the many variations of açorda. From classic preparations to innovative interpretations, savour the comforting warmth and rich flavours that have graced Alentejo tables for generations.

Join us on a culinary journey to the heart of Alentejo, where "Açorda" is the main character.

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