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In the heart of Alentejo, a sanctuary awaits you

An estate in the heart of Alentejo

Located in the heart of Alentejo, near Beja and a mere 170 kilometres from Lisbon, we find a unique place to experience local wine and agrotourism. Born in 2004, Herdade dos Grous offers 1100 hectares of peaceful relaxation, a chance to get back to nature. Discover a secret sanctuary where one of the most prestigious Portuguese wines is produced, our celebrated Herdade dos Grous label.

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An escape to tranquility

In the Alentejo, where traditional Portuguese charm and Moorish heritage are evident, we find a refuge that invites you to enjoy the calm characteristic of this land and its people.  

Named after its idyllic location in the heart of the Alentejo landscape, Herdade dos Grous  spans across 1100 hectares of nature's serenity. Our wine and agrotourism estate is infused with the unique rural traditions of the Alentejo. Discover an oasis of olive groves, cork forests, and vineyards. This rustic heritage inspired us to produce one of Portugal's most prestigious wines.

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In breathtaking gardens, an "infinity pool" overlooks the 98-hectare lake. Surrounding them, ancient olive and orange groves paint a picture of rural bliss. This is where we come to escape, our sanctuary from everyday life.

The 24 rooms, with elegant interiors infused with natural luxury, provide the perfect sanctuary for blissful days of relaxation. Nature invites you to take romantic walks or with the family by the lake, tranquility inspired by the nesting storks.

From here, visitors can learn all about our regional traditions. Horse breeding, olive oil production, organic farming, and how we create renowned wines like our selected house red, awarded the best red wine from the Alentejo region 2004.

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Authentic tastes and flavours

Explore the tastes and traditions of the Alentejo region and discover our heritage in Portuguese winemaking, with our magnificent Herdade dos Grous wine produced here on the farm.

Herdade dos Grous Restaurant: Stake Dish
Herdade dos Grous restaurant: Caldeirada Dish
Herdade dos Grous Restaurant: Dessert
Herdade dos Grous restaurant: Stake Dish
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Herdade dos Grous Restaurant: dish
Herdade Dos Grous Restaurant

Herdade dos Grous Restaurant

Authentic tastes and flavours

The Herdade dos Grous Restaurant offers traditional Alentejo cuisine with seating for 90 people, by the hand of chef Luis Rocha and his team.

The unique culinary specialities of Alentejo range from the delicious simplicity of the bread and vegetable soup, to an aromatic rustic stew, celebrating the flavours of the organic herbs and vegetables grown on the farm.

In our restaurant discover typical Alentejo cuisine in a true farm-to-fork experience, where we favour our own organic produce.

Our passionate team combines traditional methods and traditions with contemporary flair and style.

We offer comprehensive services to plan private parties and special events by appointment.

Wine Bar at Herdade Dos Grous

The Wine Bar offers exclusive wine tastings paired with regionally inspired tapas, combining the best wines and vintages with the traditional flavours of regional artisanal bread, cheese and cold cuts, all with a panoramic view of the stunning surroundings.



Experience the serenity of nature

The Herdade welcomes guests to stay at 24 lodgings with a view of the lake, inspired by the unique rustic charms of the Alentejo. Contemporary luxury infuses the natural peace and serenity of the rural location.

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Create unforgettable memories

Discover a true haven for those seeking peace and tranquillity at Herdade dos Grous. Here, you can enjoy activities such as beginner classes in the riding arena, hot air balloon rides, private pilates classes and water sports, among many other exciting experiences. Make time to create unforgettable memories. Discover Herdade dos Grous!

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Available for all occasions

The Herdade has the capacity to host events for up to 200 people, comfortably seated inside and upon the restaurant terrace, or up to 100 people indoors. 

Whatever your needs, Herdade dos Grous will present a completely bespoke solution for group events, with a range of activities available throughout the year.

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A range of artisanal products at our store

Take a little magic from the farm home with you. Our artisanal shop offers wines and olive oils produced at our farm, an experience that will stay with you, to share with your friends and family.

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