Cycling activities

Actitivities at the Herdade

Explore an idyllic location

Discover sanctuary among the simple tranquility of Herdade dos Grous. Here, you can enjoy a range of authentic experiences inspired by the region. Paint Portuguese tiles, learn to ride horseback in the stables, explore the rolling plains themselves, or discover many other exciting diversions... Open yourself up to the freedom of the outdoors, experience a unique way of life, and create unforgettable memories of a magical place. 

Hiking and cycle trails

Hiking and cycle trails

Natural adventures

Looking to get back to nature? Venture out on the many footpaths or bike trails that surround Herdade dos Grous.

Explore the unspoiled natural countryside, you will soon discover the deer, rabbits, wild boar, foxes, and countless bird species that live among the vineyards, rivers, and forests alongside us.

On foot or by complimentary bicycle, explore the incredible nature that surrounds us.

Bird Watching

Bird watching

Observation kit

Enjoy a guided walk where you will spot a unique variety of birds in their natural habitat, an unforgettable tour of our rural heritage with an authentic, rustic picnic.

Picnic Activities

Farm picnic

An authentic Alentejo experience

An authentic picnic experience served upon a colourful Alentejo blanket and cushions. Inside the wicker basket, lined with homemade linen and lace, await traditional regional delicacies, a taste of the Alentejo accompanied by Herdade dos Grous wines.

Is there any better way to experience the essence of the Alentejo than by trotting past rolling plains and green meadows as you explore our vineyards and lakesides? Under the golden Alentejo sun, birds fly overhead and deer cross the horizon, a dream that will stay with you long after you leave.

Children Activities

A paradise for children

Summer nostalgia

For our younger guests, we welcome them to the idyllic summers you remember. Endless days spent free, surrounded by nature they can ride their bikes, fish the rivers, chase butterflies, and explore the countryside. A dream of simpler times.

A fun experience and a favourite for kids of all ages, visit our black pigs and see the curly-tailed piglets playing in the mud.

The little ones accompany a guide to the teaching farm, where aromatic herbs, tomatoes, and melons are grown. They will feed chickens and ostriches, care for dwarf goats and pigs, and enjoy a tour of the riding stables.

Art at the Herdade

Art and culture

Inspired by nature

Be inspired by our story! Portuguese tiles tell the story of each region, in our workshop you will learn how they are made, baked, and then painted - leaving you with an authentic souvenir made by your very own hands!

Should you prefer to paint on canvas, you can find inspiration in the stunning natural landscapes that surround us, the birds in the sky, the trees on the hills, and even the Herdade dos Grous itself - a colorful tapestry of rural life.

You can also take part in one of our clay pottery workshops. Supported by a local artist, learning to work with a traditional natural material will challenge you creatively and leave you with a unique, personal memento of your time at Herdade dos Grous.

Hot Air Ballon Activities

Balloon trips

Hot air balloon experiences

A daydream floating between heaven and earth... Herdade dos Grous is the start of an extraordinary journey. A light wind carries the balloon beyond the horizon, as the breeze begins to fade, we gaze out over the plains of the Alentejo. A once in a lifetime experience to inspire the emotions. 

Wine Cellar

Wine Experiences

Challenge your senses

Challenge your senses and embark on an unforgettable voyage into wine history as you explore the Herdade's wine collection. Let yourself be carried away on a fascinating journey through the aromas and flavours that define the Alentejo heritage, a region where culture and tradition balance harmoniously upon the palate.